Thursday, September 9, 2010

toronto and some balloon fun

this past weekend marked the start of my seven cities in seven weeks bonanza.  i plan on having no clean clothes or money until the middle of october.  bring it on.

so, i spent this past long weekend in toronto!  toronto is pretty super awesome, eh??
the whole city seemed so NICE.  we spent a day at niagara falls, went to the CN tower, ate glorious amounts of delicious food and went out at night.  we had encounters with cab drivers that only spoke in dr. suess rhymes, large cement mooses (moosi?  moosies?  meese?), and made friends with a gyro stand owner.  a good time was had by all.

this week i wanted to share some fun things floating around the internets...all relating to balloons!

1. a balloon canopy: for those times when you're hanging outside somewhere where there is absolutely no wind.  and no pointy-beaked near-sighted birds.  but seriously, what a cool idea!
2. balloon signs: i would totally follow these signs anywhere.  even if i wasn't invited.  
3. balloon-in-a-box: such a cute invitation idea!  
4. invitation-in-a-balloon: what says 'i'm ready to party' more than an invitation that requires popping?  answer: nothing.

ok, one last one: chinese sky lanterns!

picture from this random site i found
ok.  so these aren't real actual balloons.  but close enough, right?  

apparently people in asia ignite paper lanterns and set them free to float into the sky during weddings and other celebrations.  tons of people and large numbers of flying fire hazards?  sign me up.  

i'm sure the whales that eventually swallow these things probably think otherwise, but i think these things are so pretty.



Anji* said...

Seven cities in seven weeks.. sounds fun!

Love all the balloon ideas you found.. I think I love the idea of a dr.suess rhyming cab driver more though!

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