Wednesday, September 22, 2010

texas trip and street drama

so, this weekend was spent in texas, hanging out with my brother and some college friends.  we shopped at a street market, went to a hot air balloon festival, and watched a pride parade pass below my brother's apartment balcony.  i bought a chicken hat at oktoberfest, ate about two pounds of mussels in one sitting, and brainwashed everyone i came in contact with on the wonders of sweet tea vodka.  we also hung out with some metal robot sculptures, and ate a metric ton of frozen yogurt.  it was a productive weekend.

aren't they gorgeous??

it's a giant metal robot!  with a giant metal bird friend!

i also met up with one of my middle school friends.  she's going to med school, and lives with a roommate. this roommate has a pet pig.  i KNOW.  i was intrigued!  an actual pet pig??  like babe??  how awesome!!

me: omg, is it pink and cute and cuddly???
her:'s actually more like a toothbrush.  a big pink toothbrush.  that oinks.  and sneaks up on my couch when i'm not looking.
me: sweet!  did you know about this pig before you guys decided to room together?
her: well actually, i thought she had said guinea pig...

ah.  details, details.  unfortunately, the pig was out of town for the weekend, so i wasn't able to meet the clever toothbrush of a pet.  ah, well.  next time.

so, the street i live on has a very tricky incline.  it is deceptively steep, which makes it a total disaster zone in the winter.  the roommates and i spent many winter evenings sitting in our dining room as a family, watching cars mario-karting around on the street, checking curbs and decimating newspaper stands.  the entertainment multiplies tenfold when you throw pedestrians into the equation. 
well, so far this week, there have been two incidences of incline catastrophes right outside our house, and it's not even cold yet!  on monday night, i was walking into the house when i heard the sound of a giant balloon popping.  i turn around just in time to see a girl get absolutely ejected from her bike.  the back tire had popped, and in an instinctive reaction of self-preservation, the bike promptly shed its owner and its load of groceries and flopped off down the hill alone.  the girl was miraculously unhurt, and while we were scraping bags of chips and vegetables off the street, she said something to the effect of, "oh, it's a fixed gear bike, so they do that sometimes." 

if i was to ever buy a bike, i'd want to steer away from the ones that tend to explode out from under you and run away, all while destroying your groceries in the process, but hey.  everyone has their thing. 
the second incident happened tuesday night.  a tow truck was laboring up the hill, towing some sort of craptacular nissan sentra.  as it crept up the slope, the sentra somehow wriggled loose, slid down the bed of the tow truck, and unapologetically bashed into a white rendezvous that had driven up behind it. 
all right in front of our house. 

so, if you had a bad day, you can think to yourself, "self, today really sucked, but at least my bike isn't trying to kill me, and i haven't been hit by a stray car off a tow truck!" 
see??  don't you feel better already?


CarolAnn said...

I paid zero attention to the balloons, which is probably criminal since I live in Lewisville. I thinking about going to the state fair this year, though....haven't been since I was in high school, and I am so not going to mention how long ago that was. :) They put Big Tex up last week.

geo said...

I feel much better, thanks!

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