Wednesday, September 1, 2010

lady gaga and paper ribbon birds

well hello again.
guess who i saw last night?  i saw lady gaga.  yes, yes i did.  and she was glorious.  and crazy.  exactly as advertised!  it was a fantastic people watching night.  we saw girls who'd forgotten their pants at home.  a pair of large men wearing matching pleather pants.  girls with coke cans in their hair.  neon tights and leotards.  fun for the whole family!
this was my favorite outfit spot of the night:
isn't this dress fantastic??

it was an incredible show.  lady gaga had about sixteen gajillion costume changes, and danced in ways i'd never seen before.  in ways that clearly communicated a blatant disregard for the future of her knees.  she played a flaming piano in her underwear, pranced around in an animatronic swan costume and, at one point, LEAPED onto the stage in SIX INCH HEELS.  

it looks like a victoria's secret fashion show.  

if batman was in charge.

it's a killer singing swan!

the woman is a maniac.  and she can sing.  
all in all, it was a spectacular night, and totally worth the sleep loss incurred.  

while trolling around twitter this weekend, i came across RIBBONESIA.  

aren't they so freaking cute??  they are animals made out of RIBBON!  it's such a clever idea!
so, i tried to make a bird out of paper.  needless to say, mine did not turn out as cute.

his head is lopsided!  
and it looks like he's wearing a gold cape!  
and traveling at incredible speeds!

after i finished the bird, i asked the roommate what he thought it was.
"uh...a really intense breast cancer awareness ribbon?"
as punishment, he was coerced into being my paper bird model.  i feel like it gives the bird some street cred.

what do you think?


Ann Martin said...

So glad you got to the concert - no doubt she's wacky, but very talented! Those animals are adorable! Looks like your little guy is on a bobsled and wearing a scarf to me, although I have to say I like your roomie's answer better.

Sarah said...

Oh. My Gaga....It was pretty freakin' awesome. And yes, Gaga has amazing coordination and some mad skills for getting up on top of the piano in 6-inch heels, dancing on top, then jumping off, without missing a beat (or face planting on the floor for that matter....I'm impressed....Kids don't try this at home)

Sarah said...

And your roomate has hairy arms.

SAR-rah-rah-ah-ah-ah-roma-rome-ma-ma said...

best blogger name ever :)

SAR-rah-rah-ah-ah-ah-roma-rome-ma-ma-gaga-oo-la-la said...

best blogger name ever version 2.0 :)

SAR-rah-rah-ah-ah-ah-roma-rome-ma-ma-gaga-oo-la-la said...

Just found out gaga went to the bars (w/her body guard of course) after the show. Bought everyone drinks like she promised she would, and took pics w/fans. We missed it....but the 45 mins in the car in the parking ramp was was good bonding time, not to mention the pleathered pants people watching time (that was an added BONUS)!

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