Thursday, September 16, 2010

bachelorette party ish

so, how's everyone's week so far?  
oh really?  yeah?  
mine, too.
at least the weekend is right around the corner.

when two people decide to spend their lives together, much rejoicing is done.  the bride-to-be collects her friends together to help her get ready for the legendary happiest moment of her life.  it is a big responsibility.  these friends must be dependable.  they must be level-headed.  they must rally and support when times get tough.  when bridesmaids start civil wars.  when caterers get uppity, and in-laws send facebook requests.  and above all, they must throw an epic bachelorette party.  after all, that's why people have friends, right?  ...right?
anyway, i spent this past weekend fulfilling my sacred obligations as a friend, and attending a bachelorette party.  we stayed downtown and had ourselves a fantastic time.  to give you an idea of the classiness of the event, friday night was spent making trays of jello shots.  it was my first time making jello shots, which proves that it's never too late to pretend like you're back in college.  to our credit, the jello shots went over spectacularly, as several girls declared that they were the best jello shots that they had ever tasted.  for the purposes of this post, we will neglect to document how many aforementioned jello shots were consumed before these statements were declared.  
i found a use for my flowers.  
i stuck them to a hotel room wall.

we made all the girls favors: wine glasses with personalized wine charms, a giant light up ring, glow bracelets, a candy necklace, a dare card with a challenge for the night, and a package of advil.  you know.  just in case people got headaches.  from, like staying up late.  and stuff.
advil packets and wine charms with dare cards

our advil gave sage advice.
like a fortune cookie, but more practical.

so, what else have i been up to all week?

well, i'll show you:
i've been a cupcake pick making BEAST.

and i made paper cupcake price tags...

and rings.  lots and lots of rings.

and do you know why?  because the Minnesota Center for Book Arts retail store will now be carrying my stuff!  yes!  get excited.  minneapolis now has an official source for bells in spires paperosities and other such fripperies.



Alex Le said...

TOTALLY AWESOME on having a line at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts!!!! I WANT THOSE CUPCAKE PICKS! I would buy out all of your stuff from that store. Maybe you should consider an online shop.... :oD

Ann Martin said...

Congratulations - sounds like a great week to me... frivolity AND a new gig at the Book Arts store!

Anji* said...

Bachelorette parties (or hen parties as we call them here) are the best!

I love your lucky cupcake picks.. I bet they sell like hot cakes ;)

Shay Fan said...

Whoa! CONGRATS on the Minnesota Center for Book Arts deal!!!

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