Thursday, September 30, 2010

arizona trip and a bridal shower present

this weekend's adventure took place in phoenix, where i went to see one of my beloved childhood friends get married.  
while growing up, i was lucky enough to find three kindred spirits in fourth grade.  we were inseparable, bound by the ties of braces and giant glasses.  we were HUGE DORKS.  well, to be accurate, we were small, gangly, awkward, near-sighted dorks with big teeth.  and together, with our powers combined, we were able to grow up slowly, insulated against the real world, free to dream up wild schemes and start secret clubs.  that was almost 20 years ago.
and now look at us.  we live in totally separate corners of the earth.  we drink coffee and pay taxes.  and now one of us is married.  holy crap.
it's so weird when time pops up and punches you in the face, isn't it?  
actually, it's really freaking rude, time.  
back up off me, ok?  

a few weeks ago, i helped coordinate a bridal shower for a friend.  
the paper flowers strike again!!

the invitations each had a day assigned, and people were instructed to bring a present that went with the theme of that day (manic monday, teatime tuesday, weather wednesday, etc).  i got 'weather wednesday,' and decided to make a 4 seasons gift basket.  
fall: minestrone soup kit
winter: 2 mugs, hot cocoa and marshmallows.  a lot of marshmallows.  ridiculous amounts of marshmallows.
spring: an umbrella and scented tealights
summer: sweet tea vodka*

*i'd like to take a moment to inform you of the sheer ridiculous amazingness that is sweet tea vodka.  i actually hate the taste of alcohol, which made me EXTREMELY popular in college.  (all modestly aside, i was an excellent DD.)  but lemonade + sweet tea vodka has absolutely changed my life.  seriously.  no, really.
ok.  let's move on.

actually, let's take another break.  currently, there is a situation involving a roommate, some (delicious yet flammable) tamales and old sparky (our toaster oven) that is posing an immediate danger to all lives.  be right back.

ok.  disaster averted.  
in other news, tamales that have been set on fire?  still delicious.  FYI only.

back to the gift basket.
i made the minestrone soup kit after seeing super cute soup-in-a-jar ideas floating around the internets.  so, i did some careful research and then meticulously chose a recipe at random.

i explored a whole new aisle in the grocery store for this project.  it was very educational.  
i now know what a 'lentil' looks like.  and i now know that they come in a variety of colors.  

i had to double the recipe because i picked a big jar. 
i wonder if i remembered to tell the bride that?  

but wait!  there's more!

the last time i went to visit the bf's family in wisconsin, his mom let me harvest some mini succulents (aka "hens and chickens") from their yard.  so then i made them into shower favors:

alright i'm off to pack for this weekend's adventures.


SpiritPhoenix said...

I've been a lurker of yours lately. But I recently saw a commercial that I thought you'd love.

It's the Sherwin-Williams Bees Animated commercial. I thought you'd get a kick out of how they used paint chips.

BellsInSpires said...

Omg that commercial is fantastic!! I love it!! It's so clever!

Anji* said...

Love the soup kit in a jar.. and those succulents for favors - now that is cool!

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