Thursday, August 12, 2010

weekends and roadtrips

this weekend was a good one.  most of it was spent either in a boat or out shopping.  and what more could you ask for in a weekend?  answer: nothing.
i enjoy shopping.  a lot.  and i would argue that it's been a huge benefit when i've moved to different cities. my love of shopping is compelling enough to make me explore a city when i'd otherwise just stay inside and make ridiculous things out of toilet paper.  or dress the dog in hilarious costumes.  or attempt to bake miniature desserts.  
this past week i found a coupon from the ax-man surplus store, and i was immediately intrigued.  what sorts of things did the ax-man surplus store sell?  excess amounts of ax-men?  what on earth are ax-men?  i had to find out!  and so, a few of us went on a retail adventure.  and we were not disappointed.  this store is by far the most random place i'd ever been in.  they sell everything from test tubes to sheets of vinyl.  LED lights to plastic doll limbs.  bed pans and bookshelves.  basically, anything you could want.  so of course i bought things.  a dozen miniature glass bottles.  and then i shoved them full of a dozen paper stars and covered them in paper.

oh, i got a new camera.  can you tell?  probably not, because i can't figure out how to take the awesome pictures that everyone else seems to be able to take with this camera.

but i'm working on it.
this cupcake is amazing.  
it's a lemon blueberry masterpiece from YUM bakery.  
it was snarfed IMMEDIATELY after this picture was taken.  

this weekend will be spent driving to boston with the bf.  yep.  why so?  because he went and got himself admitted into harvard business school.  ridiculous!  so he's leaving me for boston.  and we're moving him in this weekend.  wish us luck!  19 hours in the car together.  i can't wait.

and with that, i'm going to bed.

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Ann Martin said...

Heartfelt congrats to the very bright bf - that's wonderful! I think Boston is pretty darn great, so hope you had a good time once you got all those miles behind you.

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