Thursday, August 26, 2010

roommates and paper staple flowers

so this weekend was the first weekend without the bf around.  or the dog.  so sad.  
since the bf is gone, i've been adjusting from living in a house by myself to living in a [larger, much much nicer] house with two guys.  one big thing that's different right away is the fact that things routinely magically disappear.  when you live alone, things stay where you put them until you move them again.  with three people in the house, things are constantly shifting.  we had seven couches in the house at one point.  i came home one friday night and we were missing three of them.  a ping pong table occasionally appears in the basement, and the number of chairs in the dining room ranges from zero to like, fifteen at any given hour.  
but sometimes there are perfectly good explanations for things that have gone missing.  the other day i was asking about some peaches i bought over the weekend.  "hey, has anyone seen the peaches that were sitting here yesterday?"  "oh yeah," was the response, "we threw those off the roof last night."  
"what?  what for?"  
"it was a contest!"
oh.  right.
then, just as magically, things show back up.  the next night, i found three new peaches lined up on the kitchen counter, dutifully ready to take the place of their fallen brothers.  i climbed into bed last week, only to find a guitar hero guitar nestled in the sheets with me.  so really, what's not to love?  frankly, it's been pretty awesome.

it's been cooling down quite a bit in minneapolis this week.  it's hit the low 50s overnight, and the leaves are thinking about starting to change colors.  in a desperate attempt to prolong summer, i've been making paper flowers like a crazy person.
again, that whole scaling issue.  who knows how big these things are.

so i put them on a chair for you.
you're welcome.

i got this project from jesi haack's blog.  
my favorite step in her instructions is step #5: "fold the base of the petal like a taco and staple."



Ann Martin said...

How pretty! I'm thinking they would look great strung as a giant garland - maybe hang it up to celebrate when the bf visits.

CarolAnn said...

You have just described how my life was raising my boys. I never knew what would happen next or what was coming from where. I quickly learned where I did and didn't have scene control and went with the flow.

They are both back home and in college so a lot of weird stuff is starting to happen again.... :)

the BF said...

Ann, thanks to you I now expect a giant garland when I make my homecoming. Thanks for the gentle nudging toward celebrating my return.

As for the roommates (DISCLAIMER/SPOILER: 99.76% probability do not read the blog), they're just doing their job of keeping you on your toes and not letting you get too up or too down. Sometimes you'll climb into bed with a guitar hero controller and other nights there will be 3 peaches awaiting your return from work. In the end you have disposable peaches to throw at everyone who doesn't live with you...and isn't that what life is really all about??

cbuswell said...

Love those big flowers, giant garland sounds like a great idea!! : )

Ashley said...

hey! I'd like to request a flower or four to put up in our apartment!!! They're so awesome.

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