Thursday, August 5, 2010

more paper stars and hello kitty

i spent the weekend in houston, hanging out with the best friend and attending a wedding.  going to houston is not a fiscally sound decision for me, ever.  within my first 12 hours in texas, i'd spent so much money that my credit card company called me to make sure no one had stolen my card.  
i try to keep a tight rein on my shopping while in minneapolis.  this works well, until i leave minneapolis.  then i black out and go on spending rampages, awakening amidst piles of new shoes and dresses i don't need but really like.  it is a problem.
as a general rule, i never purchase clothing for other people.  in the words of my brother, i dress like a color-blind six year old raised by carebears, so i don't usually force my tastes upon other people.  they obviously cannot handle it.  but during this weekend's rampage, i came across a very nice pair of brown loafers that i decided to buy for the boyfriend.  they were cole haans, and they were massively on sale!  and they had his size!  cue delirious euphoria!  (i'd like to comment here that i do not understand people who do not enjoy shopping.  they are clearly doing something wrong.)  i happily scoop up the shoes and bring them triumphantly home to the boyfriend, who very carefully opens the box up.  

me (hopping around impatiently): well??  what do you think?  do you love them?
the bf: yes, i like them, and i did need brown shoes, but...
me: you don't like them??  they are so soft!  and comfy!
the bf: honey --
me: i can't believe you don't like them!  they are cole haans!  you are obviously not right in the head!
the bf: hon, there are two left shoes in this box.
me: WAIT, WHAT??


aside from spending irresponsible amounts of money this weekend, i've been working on making things out of the piles of paper stars that are threatening to take over the house.  
paper star rings

cupcake picks

ok.  i will show you one more project that the best friend and i conjured up for a party gift on saturday.  but you have to promise not to laugh.  because it was much cuter in person.  we were in a hurry and finished it in the car, on our way to the party.  which limited our photo opportunities.  
are you ready?

it's hello kitty!  made out of white carnations!  


if you want to see what she's supposed to look like, we got the idea from zakka life.  such a cute idea!  she was quite a hit, so we were extremely proud of ourselves.  

alright, goodnight.


geo said...

You were in Houston and we didn't get to see you??!??!!!! Prepare to DIE!

geo said...

just kidding, you won't die. I understand, it's hard to see everyone when you come visit...but you'd better let us know next time!

Jessie said...

Ahaha, I'm the exact same way with Cole Haan shoes! I've always heard that if you make 1000 stars, you can make a wish and it'll come true. (I've never made it past 257 though.) Maybe you can string them all together and make a garland for Christmas. Holy crap, did I just say Christmas? Shoot me.

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