Thursday, August 19, 2010

boston road trip and binder clips

the bf and i made it to boston this weekend, safe, sound and relationship intact.  there were a few "discussions" along the way, but who doesn't love a good discussion?  especially the ones that include threats to pull this thing over so help me i will abandon ship and walk to boston thank you very much. (those would be from me, naturally.)  the bf countered these threats by very calmly stowing me in the passenger seat, handing me some beef jerky and relieving me of driving duty.  we drove through eight states in total, which boggles my mind.  things like that never happen in texas.  crossing a state line is a BIG DEAL.  as it was, we drove through new york before i even knew what happened.  
he's all moved in to a dorm room the size of a tissue box, and we explored campus and harvard square all weekend.  boston is as awesome as everyone says it is, and the campus is as beautiful as everyone says it is.
there are bridges and/or towers everywhere.  
seriously, everywhere you looked.

some crazy awesome building on the campus of MIT

my parents used to be very typical asian parents, with high standards and great expectations for their children.  the type that would frown disapprovingly at a 98% ("what happened to the other 2%??") and plant epic aspirations of neurosurgery and engineering into our heads.  however, over time, they've slowly given up, realizing that my brother and i are very obviously the dumb ones amongst our cousins.  this tragic conclusion was made clear to me a few months ago, when my mother informed me that one of my cousins had just finished his MBA and was now pursuing his second masters degree.  in engineering.  all while working full time.  
i caught my mother looking appraisingly at me.

me: what.  why are you looking at me like that?
my mother: so, your cousin will have two masters degrees soon.
me: i heard you.  he's clearly a maniac!  
my mother: (sighing) well.  at least you two are fun, i guess.

thanks, mom.

anyway, traces of these unreasonable expectations resurfaced today when i called my dad to chat on the way home from work.  he expressed some concern about the plants that i had given my mother during their visit a few weeks ago.

me: well, what's wrong with them?  
my father: i don't know.  i'm just not so sure about them.
me: what do you mean.  are they dead?  
my father: no, they are still green.
me: ok.  that's good.  then what's the problem?
my father: well...they just don't really do anything...
me: uh...what?

apparently next time i give my mother some plants, they will need to be highly trained in the ways of entertainment.  my ability to disappoint my parents continues to know no bounds.  
but at least i'm fun. 
look at this guy.  just sitting there.  doing NOTHING.

i randomly decided that the binder clips at work were boring.  so i made them pretty.

aaaand goodnight.


Anji* said...

You are definitely fun.. and fun is my #1 quality in a person :)

geo said...

I'm cracking up!!!! You are a PHD in the High Science of Fun!

Jessie said...

I so relate!! My mother said the same exact thing to me last summer when she told me a family friend's son - is it better or worse that he's not related to us? - was off to do his masters in something or another. Thanks, Mom!

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