Thursday, July 22, 2010

packing and painted plates

this week has been packed full of packeriffic packy packing.  do not be mislead by the happy soundingness of that phrase.  it sucks. 
but you know who it sucks for even more?  the bf.  that lucky guy, he gets to spend every night this week helping me pack.  basically, he packs quietly and efficiently while i rustle through knee deep layers of packing paper and cardboard, wondering where the dog went, and hoping i didn't accidently wrap him up and stash him in a box somewhere. 
last night was a big night.  we were about 97.895468% finished packing, and i had just finished taping up the last box for the bedroom.  i climbed into bed and was well on my way to glorious glorious sleep when i realized that i had packed up all my clothing.  ALL of my clothing.  which meant that i had nothing to wear to work.  and not the typical-standing-in-front-of-a-full-closet-bemoaning-that-i-never-have-anything-to-wear kind of nothing to wear.  like the actual, i have not a single article of clothing with which to go to work the next day kind of nothing to wear.  in my exhausted stupor, i seriously considered going into work in my pajamas.  for about 15 seconds.  then i started thinking about the feasibility of fashioning some sort of toga-like outfit out of my bedsheet.  clearly, packing is not good for the brain. 
anyway, it's pretty much done now, thanks largely to the bf.  :D

i dug up an old project that i did while in arkansas.  i found some clear glass plates at walmart and decided to paint a few for to give away as presents.



the painting is done on the back of the plate, so that the serving surface of the plate is paint-free, which means that you can actually put food on it.  always a great feature that i look for in plates.

i painted the ginkgo branch with black acrylic paint first, then sprayed a few layers of gold spray paint over it.  then i sprayed on a few layers of clear sealant.  that's it!

these plates are better hand washed, but my dad definitely put the one i painted my mom into the dishwasher, and it survived.  not really something i can recommend, though.

and now to leave you with some paper deliciousness:

found via Ann Martin's Twitter
doesn't that make you just say: "SHUT UP! THAT IS AMAZING!"? 
because that's totally what i said.


Ann Martin said...

Your plate is gorgeous - black and gold have never looked so elegant. And the twirligami - I know what you mean - just incredible!

Anji* said...

So what did you wear to work then?! Sorry.. great post - really made me chuckle.

I love your decorated plate, very effective.

And yes - WOW! that paper twirligami (cool word!) THAT IS AMAZING!

BellsInSpires said...

hahah Anji i finally scrounged up a skirt i'd neglected to pack and found a stray shirt. hooray for being a giant hot mess! :D

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