Thursday, July 8, 2010

how to make friends using paper stars

howdy people.  i'm feeling extra-yammery today, so consider yourselves warned.

hopefully everyone had a super weekend, full of fireworks and freedom.  i got to go to new york with the bf, to spend a couple days with some of his college friends, on a secluded piece of paradise called shelter island.  it was amazing and surreal and all sorts of other fantastical adjectives.  we spent the days out on the water and lazing around next to the most beautiful pool i'll ever see in my entire life.  
this picture doesn't do it any justice.  seriously.

the house behind the pool was even more incredible.  every spot in the house had a panoramic view of the water — even the master bathtub.  there was a secret garden guarded by 18' high shrubs, seven fireplaces, and a bathroom that looked like the inside of a french renaissance jewelry box.  
the view from the water

but do you know what the best part was?
there was a pair of life-sized giraffe statues in the backyard, named 'mac' and 'aroni.'  

if that doesn't define awesome in your mind, then i'm not really sure we can continue to be friends.

when i travel, i do not usually bring books to read.  it's not because i don't love to read, but actually the opposite.  i love reading.  love it.  but it is a dark, obsessive, crazy teenage girl kind of love.  the kind of love that makes you call every 15 minutes, and do accidental drive bys to see if they are home.  when i start a book, i cannot put it down until i've finished it (unless the book sucks.  then i stop.).  this leads to a ridiculous sort of life-neglect; i don't sleep, i don't move, i eat things like canned vegetables with a spoon, or nibble on blocks of ramen out of the package.  it's a problem.
so, in the interest of remaining a contributing member of society, i tend to stay away from books.  instead, i bring pieces of star paper with me when i travel.  for this past weekend's journey, this proved to be a lucky habit.  when i got to the airport, i very carelessly left my phone in the car and pranced off to my gate.  when i settled in, i went to call the bf (who was to pick me up at la guardia) and realized that i was phone-less.  cue instant feelings of helplessness and anxiety.  it was like i'd forgotten to put on pants.  (a purely hypothetical comparison, of course.)  just then, the captain of the plane sat down next to me and noticed the pile of stars i'd folded in an absent-minded panic.  she was enchanted and asked for a tutorial.  so we bartered: paper star lessons for cell phone use.  

so, in the event you find yourself pantsless and/or phoneless in an airport, here is a paper star tutorial so you can fold your way out of harm's way with grace and finesse.

1. find a paper strip.  different widths of paper yield different sized stars.  keep in mind that the wider your paper strip is, the longer it has to be.  there isn't a golden ratio, though, so no need to stress out.  

they actually make specific paper strips for star folding, if you are so inclined:

2. make a tear drop at the end of your paper strip.

3. thread the shorter tail of the paper strip through the tear drop to make a knot.

4. tighten and smash the knot.  

5. now fold the shorter tail over the body of the knot.

6. now you have a knot with a long tail.  fold the long tail over the body of the knot.  flip knot over.  repeat.  repeat.  repeat.
the angle of the knot's sides will dictate which direction the paper tail will fold.

7. when you run out of paper, tuck the remaining papertail underneath the triangle formed by your previous folds.

8. using your thumb, press a perpendicular crease into one side of the pentagonal-paper-knot.  repeat on all sides.

9. boom.  done.

10.  now go forth and make some friends!
but remember — use your power responsibly.


Anji* said...

I love your weekend tales! It does look awesome where you were. I know what you mean about reading and phones - I'm the same with both! I also love lucky stars too, I learned how to make them a couple of years back.. haven't made any in a while tho..

Anonymous said...

I came for the stars and am now hooked on the epic lolarity of your writing. Then I saw you had a post where you mentioned decorating your apartment with a gigantic palm tree of total randomness, and considering the masterpiece of my apartment is a giant neon palm tree, I seriously COULD NOT add you to my google reader fast enough.

(I say all this in the least stalky way possible, I assure you.)

Laura said...

I love paper stars! This tutorial is so clear I may just need to chop some paper up. Well, maybe tomorrow right now sleep is calling.

Anonymous said...

I love the way that you write and I love the stars.
Thanks for the lesson!

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