Thursday, July 15, 2010

front door spiders and paper lotuses

so my blog hit its apex this past week, and i suspect it's all downhill from here.  the wonderful Ann Martin of All Things Paper featured me on her blog on wednesday!  this is especially exciting given the fact that her blog was the first paper blog i began following regularly.  she's on a mission to bring the art of paper quilling to the masses, and she's kicking arse and taking names in that respect.  she's been on HDTV, which, if i knew how to turn on my tv, totally sounds like something i'd watch and love.  AND you know what else makes her awesome plus infinity?  she has been to a vienna teng concert.  can she get any cooler??  honestly.
anyway, she's fantastic, and the everyone should pile on over there for a look at her lovely blog
go on.  i'll wait.

this weekend my parents were in town, which was really fantastic.  like any good asian mother, my mom cooked me lots of food while accusing me of getting fat, and my dad roamed around the house inspecting all my electronics.  we went to my favorite museum in the cities, took a guided tour boat cruise and ate lots and lots of food.  my mom is not a dog person, so roark made it his personal mission to wriggle his way into her good graces, which was hilarious.  in the end, my mom admitted he was quite cute, and very grudgingly patted him on the head.  roark then scampered off, victorious and happy, looking extremely proud of himself.  a good time was had by all.

lately, it's been a little crazy around here because i'm in the process of moving.  for sure one of the top five most awful activities to engage in, ever.  it's right before drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth.  however, it's not too terrible because i have the luxury of being able to gradually move all my stuff.  so every evening, after work, i pack up a few boxes to cart over to my new place.  this activity entails that i am in and out of my front door a dozen times a night, with armfuls of boxes.  and so, i have discovered that i have a front door spider.  i've never seen this spider, but it is a wickedly efficient web-building machine.  everyday, when i come through the front door, i always catch a full face of spiderweb.  always.  and it's always at face level.  but after some flailing around and choice words, i'm through the door and my face de-webbed.  but then what happens?  the next time i'm out the door, the spider has re-built its web, IN THE SAME PLACE.  essentially, i'm barging through this crazy spider's web like eight times a night.  i complain to my mother: who does this spider think he is?  this spider is so annoying - nay! downright rude!  to which my mother retorts: "well, how do you think the spider feels?"
touche, mother.  touche.

so now, i just imagine the spider returning yet again to the wreckage of its web and being all "SERIOUSLY?  AGAIN??  YOU HAVE GOT TO BE '$@#%%$@#%%^@$ KIDDING ME!"  and then it storms off to complain to its mom.

let's make a paper lotus, shall we?  yes, we shall.  it's the most complex tutorial i've attempted, but do not be afraid. 

[EDIT]: so, evidently i cannot count, and jacked up the tutorial materials list below.  you should start with 6 pieces of paper total: 4 petal colored papers, and 2 leaf colored papers.  
i've corrected below as well.
thanks, Darja!


what you'll need:
6 square pieces of petal-colored paper      <-- ERRONEOUS!
4 square pieces of petal colored paper  <---- CORRECT!
2 pieces of leaf-colored paper
a piece of wire
(something like a twisty tie would work)

1. cut each of your square pieces of paper in half.  all of them. 
paper square halves and my twisty tie 
i forgot to put him in the previous materials picture, so he made his appearance a little late.

2. fold each paper half lengthwise.
if you are using paper with only one colored side, fold with the color inside:
then open it back up.

3. with the color on the outside, fold in each corner to the lengthwise crease:

4. then fold the long edge in against the lengthwise crease:
then repeat on the other side

5. then fold the whole thing in half, with the color side out:
ok?  ok.
now repeat with all of your pieces.
you should have 8 petal colored pieces, and four leaf colored pieces

6. choose one leaf piece and two petal pieces, then stack them inside of one another.
the leaf piece will be the innermost piece:
now repeat with the rest of the pieces.  you will end up with four of these trapazoidal triplet bundles.

7.  now line up and bind all four of your triplet bundles together with your twisty tie. 
align your twisty tie tails to be on the long side of the trapazoid:
view from the bottom

8. splay out the arms of your bundles
view from the bottom

9. flip the whole thing over.
starting on one of the arms, open and then pull up the first petal layer:
repeat with the second layer of the petal pieces:
you're almost done!

10. now open and fold up the tips of the leaf pieces:

ok done!


Anji* said...

Congrats on the feature, all things paper does look cool, thanks for the link. I love your spider story!!! (like Ann Martin I love your witty posts!)

And the lotus tutorial looks good - I'll give it a go when I find a bit of spare time (is there such a thing?)

Ann Martin said...

Aw, you're so sweet. It was my pleasure. And next I shall link to this new tutorial - SO pretty! Speaking of spiders, I just read recently that it only takes them 30-60 minutes to build a web. I thought it would be so much longer, but you with your nightly run-ins are living proof they're speedy little creatures!

Jessie said...

My mom's just like yours. Are your aunts the same, too?? Mine all live overseas so when I do see them once every 5 years or so, they all say, "Oh! You've gotten so 'big'!" and proceed to take me out to eat my favorite foods.

I love your tutorials; they remind me of my childhood and have reignited my love for paper folding/origami/etc. Thanks!

CarolAnn said...

I wandered over here from All Things Paper and I plan to stay, if that's OK. :) I'm from Texas (live north of Dallas, like everyone else)...I remember growing up in Fort Worth we always had orb spiders making webs in the barn. We never bothered to take them down because they just went back up! Sometimes we'd try moving the spiders - if we moved part or all of the original web we were more successful.

I'm hunting down my stash of origami paper to start trying your flowers and stars. :)

BellsInSpires said...

hi CarolAnn! thanks for hanging out, it's nice to see that spiders are persistantly crazy wherever you go. ;)

Darja Drakšič said...

Thank you for this tutorial! I'll deffinitly make some!

If I may say, you have written in "What you'll need" picture, that it requires 6 square pieces of petal-colored paper, but you only use 4.

Darja Drakšič said...

I did it :D

Sudha - Art Admirer said...

Thanks for sharing.
Lovely work.

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