Wednesday, June 9, 2010

touristy fun

my brother and his gf came to visit this past weekend, so we played tourist around minneapolis and had ourselves a fantastical time. 

- happy hour at brit's pub: hopes for a chance to go lawn bowling on the rooftop lawn were dashed as the field was booked for some private event.  ridiculous. 
- dinner at alma: won the james beard award this past year.  super delicious + free sorbet from our adorable hostess!
- minneapolis institute of arts: my FAVORITE museum in minneapolis, hands down.  plus it's free ninety free! 
- routine weekend rooftop grill out: standard awesomeness.
- segway tour: so fun!  and way better than walking!
- minnehaha falls: roark tried to eat some ducks.  again.  and some small children.  but no worries - everyone escaped unscathed.
- weisman museum: on the university of minnesota campus, which is pretty stunning.  i'm a texas girl through and through, but i've slowly come to realize that our campus is not actually very pretty.  meh.

it's always a good feeling to realize that you really enjoy the city you live in. the summer.

anyway, in the spirit of being touristy, i thought i'd try another tutorial.  with it finally being summer and all, beach vacations are all the rage, but there isn't an actual coast nearby to indulge in, so i thought i'd try to make a beach for myself.  a mini one, of course.  duh.

a glass vial
tiny seashells (small enough to cram into your glass vial)
any extra fun you'd like to stuff into your glass vial (in this case, small HI FRIEND paper tags)
some glue (a smidge, to be technical)
2" x 2" square papers
white embroidery floss

funnel some sand into your glass vial so that it is half-full (or half empty, if that's the way you roll).
drop a few seashells into the vial.  no need to be crazy; a few will do. 
add in your friendly paper tag.  variations: you could personalize these, or print out tiny pictures.  of yourself.  of your dog!  of your kitchen table.  you could make your beach in a bottle be extremely witty.  or insulting.  you could cram a whole haiku in there.  limitless possibilities.  go nuts.
once you've filled the vial to your heart's content, apply a thin line of glue along the lip of the vial opening, and glue your 2" x 2" paper over the mouth of the vial.
once the paper is dry, fold down the excess and tie your embroidery floss around the sides to create a finished cap cover.
and you're done!

 ta-da!  good job.

you could give these out as wedding shower favors.  or luau favors.  you could make a whole army of tiny bottled beaches and hoard them.  you could add a jump ring and make necklaces.  or rearview mirror ornaments.  you could hide them for your roommate to find.  fun for all!

aaand BEDTIME.


A* said...

Sounds like another fun weekend! Love the little messages in bottles - too cute :)

Ashley said...

I love Minneapolis! We'll send you pictures really soon.

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