Thursday, June 17, 2010

snail mail surprises and springrolls

i've been in chicago all week for work, and if i was smart, i would have pre-written this post and scheduled it, but i did not.  so you'll just have to deal with my stream of consciousness yammering.  take that.

a few weeks ago, the ex-roommate moved away from me (not really sure what she was thinking) and settled into her own place, so i wanted to send her some randomness.  after moving into a brand new place, what else could you want but a crapload of small, slightly useless things to clutter it all up?  exactly.

a paper crane magnet, a set of koi wine charms, and a pair of paper star earrings

in a fit of fiscal irresponsibility, i went to paper source's clearance event and basically purchased anything that was miniature.  while the bf contends that this is borderline psychotic behavior, i argue that i have a very consistent tendency to purchase small things in massive quantities, and isn't one of the principal characteristics of being psychotic inconsistency?  it is at this point in the discussion that the bf has either fallen asleep or moved onto 'words with friends,' and is now tuning me out.  meanwhile, i've interpreted his silence to mean that i have stumped him, and therefore have won. 
it's a good system we have going.

within the epic paper source stash, there is a package of eensy weensy glassine envelopes, and i love them.  now a lot of my free time is spent making tiny things to cram into mini envelopes.  
we all have our hobbies.

on the cooking front, i haven't been doing a lot.  currently, my fridge has some tofu and a lone sprig of green onion.  however, i did attempt to make spring rolls this weekend.  they are a lot more difficult that they seem.  tricky bastards.

the beginning:
shrimp, carrot, red pepper, assorted leftover lettuce

i bought some spring roll wrappers that have a cool, very manly tire tread metal work type design:

and here's what i ended up with:
the ugliest spring rolls ever.  short one, skinny one, headless one, fat one.

i seem to be really good at creating really ugly food.
anyway, the ideal ending to this story would be, my spring rolls are ugly, but they taste soooooo good.
however, this is not the case, and my spring rolls tasted...meh.  aggressively mediocre would be pretty accurate.  they tasted too healthy, and i didn't have enough ingredients to really make a proper, tasty spring roll. 
lessons for next time.


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A* said...

Love it. I'd be very happy with those little miniatures if I was your ex-roommate ;) I use mini glassine envelopes too! I package crayons and stickers in them for my etsy orders.

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