Wednesday, June 2, 2010

memorial day weekend!

there are very few things that are as awesome as 3 day weekends.  seriously.
some weekend firsts:

- watched a train go backwards.
i was summoned to a happy hour at some random bar across town on friday, and spent an hour sitting in memorial weekend traffic, only to be caught at a railroad crossing 2 minutes from the bar.  after ten minutes of very patient waiting, the train starts to slow down.  and then, as i'm watching it in disbelief, the train stops — and proceeds to go backwards on the track.  is that even possible??  this situation sends me immediately over the edge.  i send a flurry of text messages with choice phrases to the happy hour crew detailing the reason for my absence, pull an illegal 15 point u-turn, storm home and take an angry nap.

- beer darts.
since moving up north, i've been educated on the gloriousness of lawn games.  i'm not sure if i just missed the lawn game scene in texas, but i am now a huge fan.  while at a barbeque on sunday, we learned how to play beer darts — a game that is easy enough to learn, and also dangerous enough to be extremely entertaining.  

- a sex toy party.
i'm sure these things have a more politically correct and euphemistic name, but we'll just cut to the chase here.  think of it as a risque tupperware party.  we attended one as part of a bachlorette party, and it was awesome and hilarious.  as well as extremely educational.  highly recommended.  

- Gay 90s.
this is minneapolis' premiere "dance club for everyone."  it is famous for having the best drag show in the midwest, and extremely heavy handed bartenders.  the place is a huge warehouse, full of twisting hallways and divided into rooms, all lined with speakers and each containing a healthy population of stripper poles.  it was like the love-child of a haunted house and a circus.  the crowd was shockingly diverse — at one point, we were standing next to a 300 pound drag queen, a hawaiian-shirt clad tourist (complete with fanny pack) and a girl who looked like a high school math league president.  also, clothing seemed to be largely optional.  just FYI.

anyway, hope everyone's weekend was memorable and super fantastical.

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Wow, sounds like a fun and interesting weekend!!

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