Wednesday, June 23, 2010

framed sheet metal

so, it is fairly typical behavior to tack stuff to your fridge.  but my fridge's decor has been approaching concerning levels of clutter for some time now.  it's gotten to the point where things have started launching themselves off of the fridge everytime i open the freezer door.  so i wanted a secondary place to keep my save the dates separate from my extensive collection of bed, bath and beyond 20% off coupons. 

so, i covered some sheet metal with fabric, and framed it!

a frame found on clearance, some sheet metal, some fabric

sheet metal comes in all different sizes, and if you are as lucky as me, your bf and his family possess awesome tools that can omnomnom your sheet metal to the size you need.

first i covered the metal with the fabric:
confession: instead of doing some fancy sewing to get the metal covered....i used mailing tape on the back.
don't judge me.
and then slipped it in the frame:

the bf attached some screws in the frame to secure the metal:

slap on some magnets, and bam:
just like a fridge!  ...except without the food. 
so actually, not like a fridge at all.

but then, look what i randomly stumbled on today:

they are having a 'frames, art and wall decor' challenge this week!


A* said...

Like it! I keep seeing things along these lines.. I really do need to make one.. our fridge is much like yours, with things launching themselves off randomly!

Jean at The Delightful Repast said...

This is fantastic! Just what I need! Eventually, I will get around to doing it.

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