Wednesday, May 19, 2010

shishkabobs and hairpins

this weekend was glorious, so we did a lot of grilling out.  saturday night started with a barbeque on the rooftop of the bf's house.  several beers and two bottles of wine later, we were gleefully flinging grilled eggplant frisbees down onto the driveway below. 

things to note:
- pedestrians on the street below have HILARIOUS reactions upon hearing a dog barking at them from the roof of a house.
- wine flung off the roof tonight is wine on the windshield of your car tomorrow.  lessons for next time, folks.

on sunday, the bf and i made kabobs.  it was my first kabobing experience.  in my research, i discovered that there are two schools of thought when it comes to kabobs.  some people say to put meat and veggies on the same skewer, while others say that they should be separated.  we went with the separate method, and they were so pretty!

and chicken:

i also tried making some headbands this weekend.  i went on a paper crane making rampage awhile ago, and have been randomly attaching them to things. 

paper lotus:

paper star hairclips:

ok i should be doing work.  kbye.

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