Wednesday, May 5, 2010

a pile of paper pinwheels

happy cinco de mayo, folks.  
i am a huge proponent of making a giant deal of cinco de mayo, but this year was fairly low key.  i'd signed up for a pilates class awhile back, and today was the first session.  when i got back home, my dad called and asked what i'd been up to.
me: i went to a pilates class.
my dad: oh!  you are taking karate?
me: no, no.  pilates.  with a 'p.'
my dad (knowingly): oh yes, ok.
then i hear him tell my mother in the background, "it's your daughter.  she just got back from her p-arate class."

last night i decided to make a pile of paper pinwheels.  i was inspired by a girl who made her sister a garland for every month of the year.  and check out september!  freaking cute.  

i took pictures so now you can make piles of your own paper pinwheels.

a square piece of paper, an xacto knife (or your paper cutting mechanism of choice), an earring finding and an awl (of the pointy variety, not the feathery hooting variety)

cut along the four diagonals of the paper square towards the center of the square.  do not cut all the way through.

you've now bisected each corner into two corners.

use your awl to poke a hole in the center of the square, and a hole in every other bisected corner of the square.  like so:
i find it's easier to do your stabbing on top of something squishy, like an eraser.

lay your paper square pretty side down.  then, thread your earring finding through one of the corner holes, starting from the pretty side of the paper.

then thread the finding through the next corner hole, pretty side first.

continue shoving your earring finding through all of the corner holes.

finally, thread your finding through the center hole.  this may require some jeegu jeegu-ing* at this point.
*jeegu jeegu is a technical term, meaning "move it around and make it work."

once you've skewered the entire pinwheel, bend the earring finding into an L shape to keep the pinwheel from slipping off of its skewer.

BOOM.  done:

repeat the above until said pinwheel pile has been created.

at this point, you may be saying to yourself, "this was super fantastic and all, but what am i going to do with all these crazy cute pinwheels?"

go make a card.  i hear there's a commercially sponsored holiday coming up this weekend.

suck it, hallmark!  

the end!!


TMCPhoto said...

do they spin when you blow in them?

also Suck it Hallmark indeed!

I'll be making some of these for my Peanut's birthday party now to find Dinosaur patterned paper

A* said...

Thank you for this cool tutorial!
I want to make some now!

Anonymous said...

I am making several of many sizes to string across my art can also make these from cheap vinyl placemats to hang outside in your trees or deck for parties...Molly

Anonymous said...


one change I made with mine. I used a gold bead cap then ran the jewelry pin through that first which keeps the paper from pushing through the head of the pin for heavier cardstock. I then hold the cap & bead in place while I used my needle nose pliers to curl the head pin into a ring on the back of the pinwheel. Now you have a pretty decorative center.~Molly

BellsInSpires said...

molly - that's a pretty fantastic idea, the centers of mine are super plain. also love the vinyl version idea - now i just need an excuse to throw a party :D

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