Wednesday, May 26, 2010

mini pies

this weekend, the bf and i adventured to wisconsin, where his family has a cabin by a lake.  evidently, this is a common thing up here, and i am totally on board with this.  because it is awesome. 
when we weren't eating, we were paddle-boating or lawn gaming, or reading out on the porch, or watching the roark puppy nearly drown himself.  he was trying to eat a family of ducks, you see.  and the pesky thing about ducks is that they are really good at swimming.  much better in fact, than our roark.  even though roark loves to swim, and thought that he had a fighting chance at catching the ducks, he in fact, did not.  but did this stop him?  no.  of course not. 

it all started when roark first spied the duck family in some reeds near the bank of the lake.  an entire duck family!  complete with a half dozen fuzzy adorable ducklings! 
he immediately launches himself face-first into the lake, startling the ducks into a panicked retreat.  the baby ducklings head for the middle of the lake and the mother frantically swims circles around roark, trying to distract him from her babies.  the ruse works, and roark is led around and around before the mom-duck realizes that this dog is clearly not a genius.  at this point, the ducklings have paddled a safe distance away, and mom-duck turns from roark and swims after her family.  roark dizzily pursues, and the chase is on!  the bf and i are standing on the dock, laughing at the whole ridiculous scene, when the realization slowly dawns on us: roark is not planning on stopping.  he's dead set on catching the ducks, and is swimming like a determined furry otter after them.  he is halfway across the lake and is showing no signs of turning around.  the bf and his brother climb into a rowboat and paddle off to save the puppy.  the bf has to essentially bicep curl the dog into the rowboat, and bring him back to shore.  we tether the exhausted puppy to the porch, but it doesn't matter.  roark spends the rest of the afternoon passed out on the lawn, snoozing in the sun.

so anyway.
the bf and i were responsible for making dinner on saturday night, and we decided to make pies for dessert.  but what's better than regular pies?  all together now, people: MINI PIES!

we used a mini pie tin.
also known in some circles as a muffin tin:

clearly, i got greedy on the filling.
however, i regret nothing.

we even brushed on an egg wash!  we are so fancy.

lattice tops: easy for mini pies but i can't imagine doing it for an actual real-sized pie. 



Anonymous said...

As the mysterious BF who is alluded to in these posts, I felt like I needed to set the record straight on Roark. He is not a cold-blooded killer as is implied in the post, he was merely trying to play with the ducks and expand his social circle to include other species. He needs to work on his hospitality skills, but you can't blame him for the persistence.

Also, all references to any sort of floating vessel in the above post should be read as "canoe". I'm still working on teaching her the difference between a canoe/rowboat/pontoon/paddle-boat/jet ski/etc. We'll get there, please grant us your patience.

Shay Fan said...

Everything is better in mini form! LOOOOVE these! I have to try it now.

A* said...

Those mini pies look very tasty indeed! mmm pie...

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