Thursday, April 15, 2010

resin obsession

this weekend, the weather was ridiculous, 70 and sunny.  the bf and i played tourists in our own town and thoroughly explored the other twin city, st. paul.  we went to the state capitol building, the cathedral of st. paul and the science museum.  we also hit cosetta's...twice.  i love eating.  unfortunately, i forgot my camera.  worst fake tourist ever.

so, i will readily admit to being lazy.  and some of my actions are dictated by my laziness.  for instance, i have a habit of leaving a cup in the fridge with three drops of water in it.  when i get thirsty, i retrieve my cup from the fridge, quench said thirst, and replace the cup back in the fridge.  this way i don't have to wash it after every use.  the only ridiculous thing about this is that my brother has independently developed the same habit.  so it's not my fault i'm lazy.  it's genetics!  anyway, i realized this week that my laziness had reached a new level when my kitchen lightbulb burned out.  instead of replacing the bulb, i've just been opening the fridge whenever i need to see anything.  

since this post, i've been obsessed with trying to create perfect resin pieces.  ninja bubbles seem to always crop up in my pieces when i'm not looking, and then they get immortalized as the resin dries.  it's all very jurassic park, but with less of this.

i've lost my camera cord, so i can't even show you what i've been working on this week.  =(  the hunt is on!  i'll update again when i've found it.

[edit]: the bf's computer can read my memory card!  picture victory!  huzzah!

resin earrings:

happy sunshine!

happy clouds!


i also made some more wine charms:

this time, a whole set! 

i took a break from the resin frenzy and glued an eraser my mom mailed me to a ring. 
now i have a steamed bun ring. 
how many girls can say that? 

well, probably just one. 

aaaaaaaaand the end.


Ashley said...

I read up to the first 5 sentences of the second paragraph...and immediately thought "ALAN DOES THE SAME THING!!!" Then I read on and saw you acknowledge this weird habit and couldn't stop laughing :o)

BellsInSpires said...

haha yeah, how weird is that? i'm excited for you guys to come visit!!

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