Wednesday, April 7, 2010

easter weekend

weekend firsts:
- i got my first easter basket and
- i won my first beer pong game!

it was a big weekend =)

so, i ran across a shrinky dink project here that i wanted to try.  
of course, mine did not turn out nearly as cute. actually, they were disasters.  but mini disasters, which are of course cuter than normal disasters.
as i was taking pictures of this project, roark was in the room in a high state of confusion.  i had a camera, yet his picture was not being taken.  surely there was some mistake?  in his efforts to remedy the situation, he managed to photobomb some of my shots pretty good.

roark snout!

so far so good.  i'd punched out my flowers, and stuck them on pins.  
then i used an embossing heat tool to shrink them.  
what could possibly go wrong?

apparently, my heat application was a little uneven.
flower petals went all wonky.

oh well.
next time.

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Kimanh xo said...

Arr... even though they went a little wrong, it's still cute and makes me smile!

I think the narrowness of the petals makes it hard to pull together. It may have worked in an oven though with even heat all around.

I'm glad you gave the tut a go!


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