Tuesday, April 27, 2010

oh, i'll just use this instead...

this weekend was a study in improvisation.  

1. paper roses
i love paper.  and i love flowers. (HINT BF! ;)  so it stands to reason that i freaking love paper flowers.  i learned how to make paper roses from crepe paper during work a few years ago, so when i saw this tutorial, i wanted have a go at it.  essentially, it was a miniature version of what i'd made before, and therefore exponentially cuter.  because: smaller = cuter.  i don't make these rules, people.  i just go with them.
so, then the issue was that i had no quilling paper...or quilling tool.  so i used a needle and star paper instead.  

 it was a lot more difficult than i anticipated.  i'm assuming because a needle is a ridiculous substitute for a quilling tool.  lessons for next time.

2. resin earrings...again.
ok, i promise this will be the next to last time i post anything about resin earrings.  
 do you see the ninja bubbles?  no?
do you want to know why?
what's up now, bubbles??  
 ok, enough of that.  let's move on.

3. book making
while i was living in arkansas, i stumbled upon the little mountain bindery — the cutest paper shop in all of arkansas.  and oklahoma, likely.  actually, i feel pretty safe throwing mississippi in there, too.  it was there that i learned how to make books.  from scratch.  well, from paper and book board.  what is scratch, anyway?  and how is it that you can make anything from it?  

i digress.  but since i'm digressing, i'd like to note here that the dog has fallen asleep beside me.  on his back.  with all four legs in the air.  this thing never ceases to amaze me. 

since i moved, i haven't really made any books.  so i thought it would be fun to pick it up again.

buttonhole binding

the one issue is that the book covers need to be pressed for at least a day, so they don't warp.  i was always able to use the bindery's book press while in arkansas.  in minneapolis, i have no such luxury.  but how hard could rigging up a book press be?
version #1: four board games, several reams of paper, a tacklebox full of metal tools, an old laptop and five scrapbooks
after 24 hours, the covers still seemed slightly curved, so...version #2 involves the piano bench and the dog's crate. 
you guys will just have to wait until next week to see how this turned out.  

well, the dog just kicked me in the face, so that's my cue to go to bed.

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