Wednesday, March 24, 2010

wine-ding down winter

this week, i'm going to start my post with a story.  
a really, really disgusting story.  

you have been warned.

last night, the bf and i were "having a discussion" (read: arguing) while roark was lounging around with us.  suddenly, the dog starts to emit some very strange hacking sounds.  then, before i know it, roark — very nonchalantly — ralphs up his entire dinner.  
the bf, in one of the most stunning displays of reflexes i've ever witnessed, managed to catch all of it in his hand, thereby saving the upholstery from certain and utter ruin.  that, my friends, is complete and total commitment to the joys of puppy fatherhood.  
nothing ends a good argument like a handful of roark-barf.  

in conclusion:
roark = cute
roark-barf = NOT cute.

now.  onto the papercrafting.
i found some super-adorable paper at paper source awhile ago, and decided to make some wine charms.
materials: Judikins Diamond Glaze, wine charm hoop thingies, 
aforementioned super-adorable paper and pendant blank (not pictured)

result: wine charm!

ok.  bedtime, folks.

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