Wednesday, March 31, 2010

glass pendants

lately, i've been lucky enough to get home before dark, and it is awesome.  in a continuing effort to take better pictures with my camera, i decided that i would shoot some pictures outside today.  using natural light!  instead of the three lamps i usually rig into a precarious ring of fire around my subject.  and so!  determined and enthusiastic, i gather up my materials and head outside.  

of course, the best light never falls in the relative privacy of the backyard.  no indeed.  front yards are always the most brightly illuminated.  convenient.  so i was that crazy neighbor girl hunched over a stool in her front yard, taking pictures of small objects and cursing to herself.  we'll get to the cursing in a bit.

it was suggested that my previously posted wine charm would also make a good necklace.  so i decided to try my hand at making some glass pendant necklaces.  they are quite the rage on the crafty interwebs these days.  

hm.  there is no scale in these pictures.
these things could be HUGE.

but they are not.

back to the cursing.  as i'm photographing one of the pendants, the wind snatches it off of the stool it's perched on and shatters it on the concrete sidewalk.  


=(  oh well.  now it has "character." 

over the course of the (maybe) thirty minutes that i was outside, i got hollered at by not one, but two carfuls of high schoolers.  i feel that it is important to note here that at the time, i was dressed in basketball shorts and a hoodie - my come-hither uniform of choice.  i suppose this is a consequence of living in suburbia usa; i'm sure you uptown girls get much more sophisticated cat-callers.  

i'm headed to wisconsin this weekend, and i am excited.  the bf and i plan to make another batch of crazy colored easter cupcakes, so here's to hoping that they turn out a little prettier than last time.  



alanhchiang said...

what kind of camera?

BellsInSpires said...

just my point and shoot canon one. still on the fence about upgrading...

thu said...

these pendants are awesome Alena!

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