Wednesday, March 3, 2010

garfunkel and oates / restaurant week

today, one of my friends told me she's pregnant!

so, i sent her this as my HOORAY YOU'RE PREGGERS gift.

generous, i know. yeah, i'm awesome. oh, go on.
ok, enough now watch.

anyway, now you know what to get all your pregnant friends!
you're welcome.

in other news, it's restaurant week here in minneapolis, and i've been shoving myself full of delicious discounted prix-fixe food. OMG YUM.
also, why is it pronounced 'prefix' if it's spelled prix fixe? i mean, really? who the hell is in charge here? ridiculous.

my restaurant week schedule:
sunday: meritage (a french place in st. paul)
- they had these tiny bite sized portions they called 'amusements,' and i ordered a TINY TUNA TARTARE TACO and it was omg yum, plus it was fun to order
monday: took a break
tuesday: masa (a mexican place downtown)
- it took me an hour to get there because i'm an idiot. it's like 15 minutes from my house.
- guacamole + crab enchiladas + tres leches cake = :D
wednesday: cafe lurcat (loring park)
- the steamed sea bass is as good as everyone says it is, which is impressive
thursday: oceanaire!


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