Wednesday, March 17, 2010


well, i cut my hair this weekend.  11 inches.  gone.  next time i decide to do this, can someone please remind me that i look like a crazed emu with short hair?  appreciate it, thanks.  oh well, it grows back, and at least locks for love will do something with it.  

<-- before

                                                                                                  after -->
short hair is SO MUCH WORK.  ridiculous.

ok now, cupcakes.  
so, when i saw the genius that is omnomicon's rainbow cake, i knew i wanted to try it.  therefore, on monday night, the roommate and i decided to tackle this project.  well, more like i wanted to try it, and since my roommate is so splendoriffic, she allowed herself to be talked into getting involved in the madness.  

needless to say, my cupcakes were not as glorious as i'd imagined them to be in my head.  they were actually the ugliest cupcakes i've ever laid eyes on.  they looked like little extraterrestrial radioactive blobs of ugly.  like if rainbow brite and jabba the hutt had love children.  and then those love children got stuck in an oil spill.  and then covered in mud.  

the beginning of the cupcake journey. 
and remember kids, buy betty crocker dry baking mixes, not pillsbury.
(however, if you're buying refrigerated dough, buy pillsbury.  k thanks.)

ingredient note: at first i thought i'd try to color my cake batter with icing pens.  but then my lovely roommate actually came with me to target to buy actual food coloring :)

i used pastel colors for a more eastery look.
it looks kind of like paint right now.  mm delicious delicious paint.

omg.  gross.  
please see aforementioned rainbow brite + jabba the hutt description.

but that's nothing some frosting can't fix, right?  right!  let's get right on that.  
wait whaa--?

yes folks.  
we actually managed to uglify these guys even further.
that shit takes talent.

ok, but after all that, we did cut one open to validate our night.
look at all that eastery prettiness hiding inside!
all that drivel they fed us about beauty being on the inside?  they must have been talking about cupcakes all along!

alright, bedtime.  sweet dreams, etc, etc.


geo said...

this is so girly. look what you've done. i'm hungry now.

Mr. P said...

I love them! What are you talking about? The beauty is the inside! Mine were strange on top too.

Love the wine charms too, by the way. You are artsy! :)

Kat said...

I HATE MY SHORT HAIR TOO. it is WAY more work than long hair. i vow never to do it again.

BellsInSpires said...

pictures!! i bet yours is super cute!

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