Wednesday, March 10, 2010

cupcake picks

as i was exiting williams sonoma yesterday, i saw some easter cupcake picks in the window display.  so, today i made my own cupcake picks.  take that, williams sonoma!  suckaaaas!

seems like the next step is to make cupcakes.  sounds like a good next post to me.

so, i went to the store and bought toothpicks for this micro-project.  the toothpicks came in a plastic tube, as pictured below.

do you see the sticker holding the lid to the plastic tube?
it's got a green outline.  i took a better picture of the sticker for you. 

now.  i consider myself to be a fairly wholesome person, but this sticker seems STRANGELY SUGGESTIVE.  

maybe it's just me.


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Anji* said...


Those picks are cute..

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