Monday, February 1, 2010

ice fishing

what did i do this weekend?
i went ice fishing and learned how to use my new sewing machine!
not too shabby.

ice fishing: something i swore i'd never do. absolutely nothing about ice fishing sounded appealing. but i went anyway. the bf's father had built a fishing shack, and the bf invited a group of us to partake in the bat-shit crazy winter pasttime of driving onto a frozen lake to a shack on the ice, drilling a hole through said ice, and attempting to trick fish into eating a frozen worm on the end of a line. all this while consuming concerning amounts of beer. good wholesome family fun.

when we got to the ice fishing shack, i was shocked. if tim the tool man taylor had an ice fishing shack, this would be it. the thing held at least 8 people (and two dogs, at one point). there was a generator out back, to power the heating system, the stereo, the tv, and the mood lighting inside. there was even a crock pot. full of soup! in a shocking betrayal of years of training and generations of genetic coding, i forgot my camera at home. tragic, really. it was an impressive set up.
despite the cushy surroundings, the five of us caught a grand total of one fish. the majority of the time was spent judging the clearly inferior ice shacks surrounding us. around hour three, i peaced on out with the bf's mother to learn how to use my new sewing machine. i love it! i'm addicted. later posts to come.

hope everyone had an equally stupendous weekend.

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