Tuesday, February 9, 2010

weekend of fun

weekend in review:

1. snow-tubing: quite possibly the best. thing. ever. it's like sledding, but you slide down mountains of snow in a large inflatable tube. like the tube that us texans float down rivers in. THEN you don't even have to walk your lazy ass back up the mountain; they have a tow rope that you flop onto to drag you back up to the top. there were several variations of descent that kept us entertained all of saturday: the solo belly flop, the run and flop, the group blob, the bobsled formation, and more. dangers included high speed tube collisions, taking out people standing too close to the hill, and small children flying through the air. i'm happy to report no permenant injuries were sustained, and only slight emotional scarring occurred.

2. minnesota roller derby: an excellent event for those who enjoy watching bufftacular women on skates take each other out while wearing striped tights and tutus. and really, who doesn't enjoy that? plus the people watching was AMAZING. like a cross between a monster truck rally and a gay pride parade.

3. house party: somehow we ended up at a house party after the roller derby. hosted by law students. strangely sober law students, at that. having just come from aforementioned roller derby, our group was easily the drunkest group there. the gross mis-use of a beer pong table was discovered and quickly corrected. read: we found some people throwing ping pong balls into cups of water on the beer pong table and promptly kicked them out of the room for such offensive beer pong table abuse. leave it to us to kick people out of their own party. we spent the rest of the party putting up the most pathetic beer pong showing ever.

4. mesa pizza: after the house party, we stopped at quite possibly the most amazing pizza place i've ever seen. pizza selections included tortellini, gyro, chicken cordon bleu, fajita, and chicken pot pie.
i buy pizza. pseudo-roommates eat all the pizza. i become enraged. ::insert rage here :: i wake up the next morning to a group hug and a freezer newly stuffed full of pizza from repentent pseudo-roommates.
all is right with the world again.

5. superbowl: i have no idea who even played in the superbowl. and i don't care. what does matter to me is that we decided to have a chili cook-off as a superbowl party, and it was the best damn idea i've ever encountered. four types of chili graced the house on sunday, and i ate until i wanted to pass out.

hope everyone's weekend was similiarly spectacular.

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