Sunday, February 7, 2010

new year's resolution #589274

i actually enjoy new year's resolutions. in fact, i love them so much that i routinely make them continuously throughout the year. why relegate the excitement of setting yourself up for failure to only the first of the year? spread that joy around i say.

anyway, one of my new year's resolutions this year was to quit looking like hell at work. i've realized that the colder it gets here, the more homeless i look. i typically show up at work wrapped in what looks like a northface sleeping bag, wearing mittens the size of large squirrels, stunting a scarf wrapped around my entire head and clumping around in my boots (with the fur). sexy. and professional.
however, looking put together requires work. work that i'm frankly unwilling to give up sleep for. but i've realized that jewelry is an easy way to trick people into thinking you've got it together.

i love earrings. almost as much as i love shoes. but since i've moved here, my earrings have sat in a tangled heap on my dresser. i finally got my shit together enough to set up a storage system for my pile of earrings this month. i am so proud of myself i can barely stand it.

while rummaging around the thrift store down the street, i found a few wooden frames carved to look like bamboo.

so i took them home and painted them gold. then i glued some window screening into the frames and hung the whole thing up with green ribbon.

i got the screening from ace's hardware, and glued it into the back of the frame using the strongest glue i've yet encountered: E-6000. the stuff is insane. in fact, there's a notice on the back that says something like: "this is known in the state of california to cause cancer." this statement confuses me. do the other 49 states just refuse to acknowledge this possibility? or did california just refuse to share this knowledge with the rest of us? either way, concerning. although clearly not concerning enough for me to stop using it though. this stuff is magic.

since my screen-gluing skills left a lot to be desired, i reinforced the screen-gluage with wooden dowels along the vertical sides of the frame.

huzzah - victory!


Storm said...

Do you like having multiples of the same set of earrings?

Shay Fan said...

Ohmygod those earrings are cute!

Lisa said...

You're a genius. I'm stealing this idea...hope you won't mind. :-)

Storm said...

Blog etiquette? Do I seem like someone who knows what she's doing? I don't even facebook, really.

The earrings are fun! It reminds me of when I made paper stars ... back when I was still asian.

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