Monday, February 22, 2010

the love of my life

meet roark.
i love this dog. i wasn't even a dog person before someone dumped him onto a highway median in oklahoma. but then the bf decided to adopt him, and it was game over. well played, roark.

he even looks asian.
at least half.
i mean, right? check him out.

he keeps busy every day, ceaselessly pursuing his many hobbies, including but not limited to the following:

tending to his mohawk
making friends with the resident front yard bunny (and by making friends with, i mean attempting to eat)
playing basketball
face snuffling snow
snarfing any stray food that escapes from the kitchen
singing the hits
sitting on computers
eating paper

he ends each day by wriggling into bed and demanding nightly snuffles before passing out in a pile of legs, floppy ears and cute.

k good night.


Sarfraz said...

From: Howard Roark
To: Texanese sellout

I can't believe you named a dog (a homeless one at that) after me, the protagonist of The Fountainhead. Given that the dog does look somewhat Asian, I propose you change his name to Waverly Jong instead.

Alena said...

hahahahah touche

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